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About Us

We are here to help your business.

Vivid Assurance is at the forefront of disruptive thinking when businesses think about business risk. We’re turning risk management on its head by delivering risk assurance knowledge through a collaborative community of subscribers, greatly reducing the workload for everyone involved. We are helping companies deal with their risk problems by extending their reach within their relationships.

This extended reach is achieved through our Collaborative Community Platform that brings together the end-to-end assessment and assistance required to find and fix risk related issues within relationships. The collaborative community approach delivers immediate results for our customers by sharing risk knowledge attained through the collective subscribers efforts to share their assessment results.

Our company is committed to assisting all business with implementing risk assurance throughout their relationships.

The Vivid Difference

Disruptive Thinkers

Disruptive Thinkers

Making relationships the new collaborative risk 
assurance approach.
The future is bright

The future is bright

Transforming risk into an accountable "relational assurance"
stakeholder community
We have the solution

We have the solution

Our resources are here
to help, every step of
the way.

Our Executive Team

Paul Di Matteo

The techy security skilled - risk assurance product development idea guy. 

Developed our Collaborative Community platform from an idea to reality – he also looks after production, systems and other fun stuff.

Disclaimer: No interest in sales pitches – that’s Andrews job ☺

Andrew McHenry

The sales & marketing skilled – risk assurance business development guy.

Comes up with more ideas and polished approach to clients. He also looks after sales, marketing and other cool stuff.

Disclaimer: No interest in techy talk- that’s Pauls job ☺ .